How to make a good sales pitch

One of the crucial skills every sales representative should possess is, undoubtedly, the ability to make an effective sales pitch. Thanks to a good sales pitch you will be able to make not only positive initial impact and hold audience’s attention but also warm the prospects up.

However, creating the best sales pitch can be a challenging task. How to approach prospect? Where should you start from? What questions should you ask? How to understand client’s pain points? By having the answers to all these questions and, thus, crafting your pitch, you will be able to make a successful sale and build a trustful relationship with the leads.

Therefore, we have prepared for you the following tips how to structure a simple yet effective sales pitch.

  • Do the research. Making the perfect sales pitch requires understanding of the prospective client. Thus, before presenting your pitch to the prospect, you should conduct thorough research on their industry, company, competitors. Gathered information will help you to ask the right questions, tailor presentation to the client’s specific needs and, as a result, move the deal to the next step.
  • Know your product. Before starting crafting a sales pitch, make sure you know everything about your product or service and how it can be useful to certain prospect. The ultimate goal of a sales representative is not to trick prospect into getting a product/service, but to provide beneficial solution for their daily challenges.
  • Be attentive. Every sales rep should keep in mind that an efficient sales pitch is a two-way conversation where sales rep asks qualifying questions and prospects explain the challenges they experience. The key point here is to talk less and listen more for gathering additional information, building trust and making a client feel valued.
  • Craft your pitch. In order to sound professionally and gain attention of your client, keep in mind next points:
    • Always try to sound clear and easy to understand.
    • Use open-ended questions (“why”, “where”, “when”, etc.) for giving your prospect more space for answer.
    • Pay attention to the tone of your voice. It is not what you ask, it is how you deliver it. Always sound positive, helpful and confident. It will help you to build trust and close the deal easier.
  • Focus on customer challenges. You have to understand customer pain points and qualify their needs. By doing this, you not only make sure that you sell them what they need, but also make them feel understood and build a reliable relationship. Give prospects all the reasons why your product or service is the right choice for them.
  • Create sense of urgency. Make an offer that require immediate purchase and indicates a special benefit. Whether it is an attached deadline, discount or something free, it will create the sense of urgency and will help overcome doubts.
  • Be ready for objections. One of the most challenging parts of sales is overcoming objections that client may come up with trying to avoid your sales pitch. Make sure that you prepare the outline of anticipated problems and the examples of possible answers so that you reduce client’s resistance. For getting more details, check out our article “B2B cold calling tips for overcoming objections”.
  • Summarize and outline next step. It is very important to sum up all the mentioned points at the end of the conversation so that the client can visualize what they will get out of the deal. Besides, don’t forget to schedule next follow-up meeting for defining further steps and clarifying specific points.

Making an effective sales pitch for a software product is, probably, one of the essential stages in selling process. Therefore, it requires thorough preparation and usage of certain techniques. Put the above-mentioned tips into practice and deliver the best sales pitch so you can reach top results in closing deals.


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