Email Marketing Automation

A perfect solution for companies with long contact lists, an email marketing automation will come in handy for saving the time of the whole company. It helps to send automatic emails to your customers, while still keeping them personalized for their needs. Although it is a great optimization tool, we are still doing our best to strike the right balance between the automation and the human touch by always making sure we have the smart email context and update it regularly.

Save company’s time

Instead of spending hours on copy-pasting the emails for hundreds of leads, leave it for an email marketing automation system that will do the same amount of work in no time automatically

Stay both fast and personal

Email marketing automation system and its templates are flexible enough to make sure that every email stays personal. This will boost open and reply to the maximum. We say “No” to spammy emails.

Reduce the errors

Begin by using A/B testing for campaign elements to increase the odds of success. Then, through tracking and monitoring of the progress (often in real time) of a campaign, marketers are able to identify what work.

Make the emails relevant

Writing a person’s name incorrectly or making spelling mistakes will cause the email recipient to have less trust in your company. With email workflows, they can be proofed and checked over and over before being put live.


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