Auto dialer

In some cases, when the number of operators is limited, we use an auto dialer that automatically dials telephone numbers. Unlike the predictive dialer that uses real-time analysis to determine the optimal time to dial more numbers, an auto dialer simply dials a pre-set number of lines when an agent finishes the previous call and hence, requires the minimum of only one person to work.

Increase agent efficiency

Auto phone diallers work by making calls in a preset ratio of number of phone lines to agents.  The dialer makes calls in volume “behind the scenes” and then connects answered calls to available agents, saving this time for an agent.

Stay engaged with your customers

An auto-dialer only dials a number upon detecting the end of an agent’s call. This helps in reducing dead-air periods after calls and greatly increases the rate of customer engagement.

Keep your data fresh

The auto dialer ensures that a large percentage of leads are followed up very quickly and professionally in a short space of time, increasing the lead sale conversion rate substantially.

Real-time feedback from your customers

Auto-dialers can be employed in customer satisfaction surveys. Upon the end of the call, an auto-dialer will dial the customer’s number and connect her to a system that allows him/her to rate the assigned care representative via a touch-tone system.


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