SEISMO Analytics

98% Inbox delivery rate 59%; Open rate 12%; Reply rate.
SEISMO Analytics



Set outbound B2B email infrastructure and maintain it's deliverability.


3 Mailboxes set and maintained
3 Months campaign duration
4824 Prospects approached
32085 Emails sent

Campaign results:

98% Inbox delivery rate
59% Open rate
12% Reply rate
49 Sales opportunities

SEISMO is an electronics development company founded in  2004 with a mission – to make machines intelligent. They go from idea to production, with their innovative smart home products compatible with the highest international standards. At the same time, they advise and deliver HW/SW engineering services and complex end-to-end M2M solutions for our clients worldwide. By combining HW/SW experiences with a data-driven approach, the SEISMO team gained unique expertise & knowledge in machine learning and artificial intelligence and got an edge on the IoT market. Aduk delivers premium-class engineering services for our clients worldwide.

Before Hello, the premier outbound B2B email deliverability experts partnered with an electronics development company to revolutionize their email outreach strategy by meticulously optimizing email content, subject lines, and sender reputation, Before Hello propelled the company to a remarkable 98% inbox delivery rate. Their strategic approach didn’t stop there; they tailored each message to resonate with recipients, resulting in an outstanding 59% open rate. The personalized touch didn’t just capture attention; it sparked engagement, boasting a remarkable 12% reply rate. This transformative partnership didn’t just end with impressive metrics; it translated into tangible results, generating a staggering 49 sales appointments with targeted decision-makers. Before Hello’s expertise didn’t just improve deliverability; it redefined success in B2B outreach.

We’ve seen a significant ROI. During the first two months of cooperation with Before Hello team. They managed deliverability of our outbound email campaigns and helped to schedule 30+ appointments with desired prospects that lead to four closed deals.
Anton Varavin - CTO, SEISMO Analytics

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