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99% Inbox rate; 67% Open rate; 13% Reply rate.
Loyalty Health




The Loyalty Health team was facing issues with their cold email outreach that could potentially damage their domain reputation. In order to address this problem, they partnered with BeforeHello and their team of mailbox engineers to investigate the root cause and resolve the issue.


3 Mailboxes set and maintained
2 Months campaign duration
4192 Prospects approached
11 542 Emails sent

Campaign results:

99% Inbox delivery rate
67% Open rate
13% Reply rate
44 Sales opportunities

Loyalty Health Marketing is the #1 all-inclusive, simple solution for digital marketing and merchant processing services. It is a top provider of Local SEO, Location Targeting, and Reputation Management campaigns that help increase visibility and attract potential clients. Loyalty Health’ Geofencing technology works 24/7 to stay ahead of competitors.

One of the biggest challenges that BeforeHello solves for Loyalty Health is getting their messages delivered to the inboxes of potential customers. To achieve this, the BeforeHello team utilizes email validation programs and deliverability expertise. The latter ensures that their inboxes are of high quality and are respected by Google and other inboxes, while the former ensures that their campaigns are being delivered. As a result of this approach, Loyalty Health has seen an increase in conversions.

When it comes to cold email, we researched and tested many options. Before Hello was by far the best with both their approach/communication and also their results. If you need someone to do a cold email campaign for your business, look no further than Before Hello.
Chris Kazor - CEO, Loyalty Health

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