92% Inbox rate; 47% Open rate; 9% Reply rate.



A challenging sell for a cold email environment, which required carefully tailoring and refining the message, as well as crafting a unique strategy for outbound email outreach ensuring highest possible deliverability.


6 Mailboxes set and maintained
3 Months campaign duration
5879 Prospects approached
22340 Emails sent

Campaign results:

92% Inbox delivery rate
47% Open rate
9% Reply rate
58 Sales opportunities

InCharged is a team of charging station innovators and technology experts based in the US. They are highly experienced in this field and specialize in manufacturing mobile charging products that are scalable, modular, compatible with all devices, and can evolve with technology advancements. Their products provide a power boost and offer a unique tactical marketing strategy that puts the brand in charge of the customer experience.

At the beginning of our collaboration, the BeforeHello team executed strong cold email campaigns across various markets and industries to better understand the client’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and generate early successes. This initial outreach allowed InCharged to gain more insights about the markets most likely to provide highly qualified leads and those most receptive to cold emails. Our findings helped us further comprehend how to use cold outreach to achieve InCharged’s goals. Concurrently, while we were defining InCharged’s ICP, the Before Hello team also launched cold campaigns that focused on forming high-level partnerships with complementary companies to create a foundation for a conversion funnel.


The Before Hello team has done an amazing job helping us set up our email accounts and create new ones. We've had unbelievable success with their work. I highly recommend them and will use them again!
Jessica Gonzalez - CEO, InCharged

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