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To expand business within the European market and conduct research on key executives within each target account and built custom content to address relevant needs


752 prospects approached
2 email sequences created
2 A/B tests performed;

Campaign results:

526 prospects opened an email
188 prospects replied
33 appointments set

LVIVCODE is a young fast-growing Computer Software company works with start-ups building brand image; increasing business capacities by modifying computer software and mobile apps; providing them with all analytical insights.

And one more challenging project to reach out the wide audience with a maximum personalized and relevant message. With so much choice on web and mobile development at the marketplace, we succeeded in approaching more than 700 prospects and obtaining 35% reply rate. As a result, 33 appointments set and left off for the client to pursue its sales strategy with.

Just for the first month of working with Before Hello, they get me more 30 appointments. I completely forget about lead generation processes and was getting hot leads to my inbox every single day, literally. It's fantastic.
Volodymyr Iatsyshyn - CBDO, Lviv Code

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